How to apply video

We've prepared a very simple video for you to get an idea of how easy it is to apply your lettering and how it will come.

Once you start playing the video, you can enlarge it using the 'full screen' icon at the bottom right hand side of the video box.

How to Apply Wall Lettering


This is quite easy and it takes more to explain it in words than to actually do it.

You Tube also has great resources on how to apply (SAV) self adhesive vinyl lettering.


  • There are 3 layers to your new Self Adhesive Vinyl Wall Lettering:

o   Backing Paper-holds the vinyl from the back.

o   The vinyl itself.

o   Paper Application Tape; (which is over the ‘top’ side of the vinyl.)

  • Your wall MUST BE: clean, dry and smooth.

o   Vinyl lettering does not adhere well to grainy, rough surfaces, damp or dusty.

  • The easiest way to separate BACKING PAPER from the lettering is to:


o   Then pull the backing paper off the lettering gently leaving the vinyl attached to the Paper Application Tape.

o   Make sure you get the dots on an ‘i’ or any other punctuation or small graphic pieces.

  • Turn the lettering right side up and place on the wall where you would like it to go.
  • Make sure it is placed EXACTLY where you want it at this point because you will NOT be able to reposition it without damaging the vinyl.
  • Take the squeegee and run it over the Paper Application Tape side, smoothing down the letters onto the wall.

o   Use firm, even strokes to make sure there are no air bubbles.

o   If you find there are air bubbles after you remove the Paper Application Tape, you can prick the bubble (at the side of the bubble) with a small pin and gently push the air out.

  • Leave the application tape on at this point and go have a cuppa tea. Let the lettering sit for 10 minutes to allow the adhesive to take hold a little better.
  • After 10 minutes GENTLY and SLOWLY remove the Paper Application Tape, ENSURING you do NOT take any of the vinyl lettering with it.

o   Take care with the dot on the letter ‘i’ and tails on long letters such as ‘j’, ‘g’, ‘y’, and any punctuation such as: (.) (“) (?) (,) (!) or other small graphic pieces.

o   These are easy to miss if you are not careful.

  • You should now have your lettering on the wall by itself.
  • We recommend blowing some warm air (NOT hot) over the vinyl letters which will soften it slightly. As it softens push it gently into the wall to give it an extra bit of holding power as well as more of a ‘painted on’ finished look.
  • As mentioned before; prick out any air bubbles with a pin AT THE SIDE of the bubble, not in the centre of the bubble and ROLL your finger over the bubble towards the pin prick, pushing the air out slowly.


If the room is cold

  • Ensure the surface you want to apply the lettering is not freezing cold when you apply it.
  • The Self Adhesive Vinyl lettering will stick a lot better to a warmer surface.
  • If the room/wall temperature is not very warm, we suggest you;

o   Put the lettering up by taking off the backing paper only

o   Put it in position on the wall;

o   Squeegee it down and

o   Blow some warm air over the lettering with the Paper Application Tape still attached.

o   The warm air helps further activate the adhesive on the vinyl letters.


  • IF you need any help or further information call the team at Tribal Signs 01884-824 084