What is vinyl lettering?

Does it have a background?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, in a word no it doesn't. The letters are cut from a sheet of vinyl so the background becomes whatever you stick them to. If you were to run your hand over the letters once you'd put them down you would be able to feel the edges of the letters and centers of the 'o' etc.

Also known as self adhesive lettering, sticky letters/numbers, vinyl lettering is applied to loads of different applications you see in everyday life.

Most commercial transport have some sort of vinyl stuck to the side of it to advertise it's products or services, whether it's your average builders van or a fleet of TNT courier vans. Vinyl lettering is made from a very thin plastic that is cut to your desired shape, be it letters or graphics.

These designs are held in place by a piece of application tape so when you remove your lettering they are all held in one piece so no need to individually space the letters or elements of your graphic. The vinyl is smoothed down in the correct position on your sign board/vehicle etc and then the application tape is removed leaving just the letters in place.

Below are a few examples of vinyl letters in place doing what they do best, advertise! The different applications are almost endless.